Best Rechargeable Emergency Lights – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Light is essential for one’s survival. It is as important as water. In places suffering from high power outages, an emergency lamp becomes an important appliance. It is necessary to keep one handy in a workplace or in a household. If a person travels a lot and visits new terrains every day, an emergency light is his companion. It is important to always keep a backup in case of any emergency.

We are moving to a world where energy is very precious. Since we were extracting energy from non-renewable sources of energy in earlier times, humans are shifting towards environment-friendly and renewable sources of energy. In the coming days, if energy is not used minimally and conserved, the next generation will suffer. If LED bulbs are used in the place of CFL, we can reduce wastage as well as carbon footprint.

This article is about the best emergency lamps available in the market. Before we get into the products, the following are the factors to be considered while buying an emergency light.

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Emergency Light

Charging Options

There are various options of charging an emergency light. Some products come with solar charging, while some come with a grid, and some with both. According to the facility available for charging, you can choose the emergency light.

Light Bulb Used

Though most of the emergency lights today constitute LED as its light source, there are other sources of lights. It is recommended to use LED above all other means. This is because of a number of reasons. The first reason is that it provides high light intensity. It consumes less power and has a longer life.

Battery Back-Up Time

Most rechargeable batteries have their charging time based on the back-up power. If long amount of time is required for charging, the back-up time provided will also be higher. The average backup time is 4 to 8 hours. So according to the needs of the user, a lamp can be chosen. If the requirement is studying all night long, a good back up light is required. If the lamp is only to sustain small power outages, then a lot of backup is not required. Thus, it depends on the needs of the user

Light Intensity

The intensity of the light required will again depend on the need. If sharp light is needed for reading or cooking purposes, a lamp with good LED intensity must be chosen. There is a general misconception that the more the number of LEDs, the brighter the lamp will be.

Though the number of lights does matter, each LED has a varying range of intensity. One good intensity LED bulb can replace five to six lesser intensity LED bulb. If the purpose is to travel,the better option would be a portable LED with just one strong LED bulb. So the light intensity depends on the type and amount of bulbs used

Battery Charging Time

The average charging time is normally 9 to 10 hours for a battery back-up of 10 to 15 hours. Though charging time does depend on the back up time, care must be taken that the charging time does not exceed the back-up time. The charging time is normally two or three hours lesser than the back-up time.


Not all sellers may provide you with a warranty. Care must be taken to choose a product with good life and with an assurance like warranty. If a product with no warranty is purchased, we might not be able to change or repair the defect product through the company that manufactured the product.


Most of the products mentioned in this article are rechargeable. It is better to choose a rechargeable light over the non-rechargeable. A rechargeable battery can take over 500 cycles of charge and discharge. But a non-rechargeable light may need frequent changes of battery.


Some purposes of using emergency light may be household or office work like reading or cooking. Such lights need not be carried to everywhere. They need not be held in the hands for a long time. But if a person is stuck in a dark road, he has to carry a light that will not strain his hands even if carried for a long period of time.

Special Features

Some lights may come with special features that are not really required for functioning of the product. But they will ensure longevity of the product and help the product to function better. Some of the features include discharge protection, low battery indication and over charge protection. They ensure the smooth running of the product for a long span of time. But since there are additional features, the cost of the product also increases.

Top 13 Best Rechargeable Emergency Lights 2019

1. Eveready HL 52 Emergency Lights

This emergency light has three parts to it. There is a study light, a table light and a torch light with good focus. IT can be moved by 180 swivels making it a flexible table light. The product has a total of 39 LEDs, 30 on the front panel and 9 for the handle torch. It can work continuously for fifteen hours at a time.

The product gives a separate option of a switch for the LED torch. It also comes with the feature of deep discharge protection. It has an inbuilt overcharge protection. The body is made of plastic and is sturdy and long lasting. It has a 360 degree rotational head which helps to turn the light into any angle needed.

The light works on three volts and needs 275 watts of power. The light will automatically glow in case of a power failure. There are two levels of brightness available to choose from. Hl 51 of Eveready is similar to this product but does not have the features like discharge protection.

The product weighs 2 kilograms and is normally available in red colour. The product has six months warranty. This item is a good buy under one thousand five hundred rupees.


2. Philips Ujjwal Plus LED Lantern Emergency Lights

This emergency light is very handy and useful. The Led technology used ensures to provide long lasting light. The product is rechargeable and can be rotated as a 360 degree rotatable light. There is a total of 40 LEDs and there is a push button to turn the light off or on. The lumen of the product is 250 Lm.

The product has four hours back up and takes a charging time of ten hours. The design is compact and comes with the plug. The product weighs 549 grams and needs 4 Watts of power.

The material used to make the product is synthetic and the product is normally available in dark blue. This Philips product comes with six months warranty. It is a good buy in the range of one thousand two hundred rupees.


3. Syska Rechargeable Emergency Bulb

This rechargeable bulb has 2000 mah battery and can provide light up to 3.5 hours after a power cut. The light gets turned on automatically after a power cut. The product will also serve as a normal bulb when the electricity is available. It consumes seven Watts of power and has a rechargeable battery.

It has a lumens of 630 Lm and is Retro R22 Base. It requires eight hours of charging time. The dimension of the bulb is 6 cm X6 cm X 6cm and runs on 240 Volts. The product has one year of warranty and weighs 100 grams. The product comes in cool day light colour and is made of polycarbonate.

It is an Led bulb of size B22. The product is most suitable for home use. The bulb provides 180 degree omnidirectional illusion. The product is a decent buy under six hundred rupees.


4. Philips Ojas Emergency Light

This emergency light has an auto start option and automatically lights up if the power goes off. It is good for household purposes like studying or for the kitchen. It comes with discharge protection feature which ensures there will be no short circuit.

The light is two-in-one as it has portable torch as well as a light. The backup time of the light is 4 hours and needs to be charged up to eight hours. The light uses lithium ion battery for a long life. The battery capacity is 2000 mAh. It is provided with an overcharge protection as well.

The product comes with six months of warranty from the date of invoice. The product weighs 395 grams and consumes six Watts of power. The product is a good buy under one thousand three hundred rupees.


5. Wipro Coral Emergency Light E10004

The battery of this lamp is made of good quality lithium battery. The light consists of a total of eighty-four LEDs and comes with 360-degree light feature. There are various levels of brightness to choose from. The in-built battery is so powerful that it can last fifty thousand hours of LED life.

The recharging time required for this light ranges from eight to ten hours. The product also has a foldable hook which makes in compact and portable. The capacity of the battery is 3000 mAh and consumes two Watts of power. Six months of warranty is provided for this product. The product weighs six hundred and forty-nine grams and is made of Polycarbonate.

The light is normally available in yellow colour. Since the battery used is lightweight, it is easy for replacement in case of any damage. It has two charging sockets, AC as well as DC. The reviews of the product mention that the product provides good lighting and therefore, is a good buy under the price range of eight hundred rupees.


6. Emerald Rechargeable Emergency Light

The product comes with one five Watts LED which emits bright light. There are two levels of brightness. The battery is made of high quality lithium which is rechargeable. The product requires a charging time of six to eight hours. The battery capacity is 300mAh and is made of Polycarbonate.

The product weighs four hundred and forty-nine grams. The emergency light normally comes with a red body color. The product is made by Wipro. The button is available on the handle which makes the battery easy to use. The charging point is a two pin plug and can be charged in a two or three pin socket.

The handle is ergonomic which makes it easy to carry. The reviews say that the product is lightweight yet provides good illumination. Some reviews mention though that the plug is not strong enough and might not hang on the socket. The product is a decent buy under seven hundred rupees.


7. Generic DP 42 LEDs Rechargeable Emergency Light

This rechargeable lamp comes with many LED on a surface, resulting in a powerful and strong light. The outer cover of the light is made of plastic. The product normally comes in white colour. The light weighs six hundred and eighty grams. The battery used is lead acid and its capacity is two thousand four hundred mAh. The light can be used for any purpose and can be carried anywhere.

The battery is capable of more than five hundred cycles of charge and discharge. The product cannot stand on its own and will require a support at the back. For full charge, the product must be charged for a minimum of eight hours. The cable which is provided for the charging lamp can also serve as a charger for similar LED lamps.

The product does not have over charge or discharge protection. The product has to manually turned on in case of a power failure. The product is a fair buy under the price range of five hundred rupees.

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