Best Electronic Lockers In India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Safe Lockers are an integral part of our security system. They provide a simple yet effective solution to protect the all our possessions that we hold the highest regard of. However, it seems easy to get one for home. Getting started with the whole idea of buying and using the best locker in India is quite a confusing task.

The reason behind such uncertainty is that most of us aren’t really aware of how such electronic lockers actually work and how to turn them into the best choices for uninterrupted security. To do away with all the confusion, we’ve prepared this guide best electronic locker in India. It intends to furnish the key knowledge required to help you buy the best electronic locker in India.

While the foundation includes the factors that you must consider when choosing the best electronic guide in India, the later sections provide a comprehensive review covering some of the best picks on the market today. And lastly, we’ve tried to clear the air by answering the most frequently asked questions.

So, there is no need to worry. At the end, we’re sure that you’ll find the best electronic locker in India that suits your needs and budget.

How To Choose Best Electronic Locker In India?

Safety has always been tricky matter to deal with. Especially when making decisions that impact your precious valuables and hard-earned money. Though the decision to invest in the best electronic locker in India is an easy one, choosing the right product that will live up to your expectations to your life’s precious possessions is usually a tough task.

To make your choice easy, here some of the most important factors that you must keep in mind before searching for the best electronic locker in India.

1. Budget Friendly

Undoubtedly, we all wish to keep our hard earned money and other valuables safe, but spending too much for that isn’t quite desirable. So, while choosing the best electronic locker in India, you should try to maintain a balance between the quality and price. You will easily get a decent locker within the range of 4,000 to 15,000 depending on the features offered.

2. User-Friendly

Electronic lockers are one of the best inventions of technology. They are run using multiple in-built technologies. While some can be operated using passwords, other high-end safes come with the special retina or laptop connectivity. The technology used may be different depending upon the brand and its usage. But, before you seal the deal for the best electronic locker in India, make sure they are easy to use and understand because you wouldn’t want to spend hours in confusion.

3. Compact

We live in a world with space crunches. Most of us live in nuclear families and small houses. In such situations, we wouldn’t want an electronic locker to eat up a lot of space in the bedroom. Also, safes aren’t something to be exposed in the open, but rather something that should be safely hidden away from others eyes. Thus, its size plays a very important role. Make sure the best electronic locker in India you choose, is of a decent size and can be easily kept inside your cupboard.

4. Durable

It is the only factor desired before purchasing any home appliance as it is not feasible to purchase a safe again and again. They usually cost a lot and hence, keep in mind to avoid going for basic safes; rather, look for the one which has got the highest positive reviews.

5. Type Of Locker

Lockers come in different types depending upon the type and amount of possessions they are designed to protect. Here are some of the major types that you’ll come across.

  • Wall-mounted safes: Just like the name suggests, such safes mounted to the wall in one way the other. Being the most popular among others, they can either be open for viewing or hidden behind another item like a room shelf. Though famous and boast an elegant design, they generally have a lower weight capacity, thus limiting them to low weight items.
  • Floor safes: They are generally built into the floor. They offer the best and ultimate size and weight capacity to adequately protect all your precious possessions. It can easily house a plethora of items in large quantities and weight. The solid construction and bulky weight makes it an ideal choice for heavy-weighted things.
  • Weapons safes: Such types have special considerations due to the sensitive nature of the things stored in them and also the special physical attributes associated with weapons. For added safety, they generally have special features like additional locks, advanced locking technology and enhanced build material (pry-proof metal).
  • Dial locks- They are tagged as one of the safest and most reliable safety solutions due to the entire physical nature of their mechanism. Basically, they boast a system that needs you to execute several rotations, both to the left and right side as part of a particular combination. Even though they are the safest among others, they aren’t really easy to use. If you need to make some changes, then you will require the help of an expert.
  • Digital locks- Such safes employ an automated system that needs you to input a specific password or pin to have access to your stored valuables. Digital locks are easier to use as compared to dial locks. But, they need a consistent and constant power source such as a battery to sustain the system. This is considered as a problem by many users.
  • Fire-resistant Safes –Such lockers are basically heavier and bulkier. They are used to store documents or DVDs that require extra protection. It can withstand up to 175F and easily protect the documents and other valuables from fire. They are generally found in government offices and private set-ups where data needs to be secured from all types of dangers.
  • Burglary- resistant Safes – Generally these safes are found in banks or commercial places such as jewelry shops. Here safes are protected by an alarm which, when used by any unauthorized person, starts honking to alert all of the robbery/theft.
  • Data Storage Safes – They are designed to store important e-devices like laptops, microchips and SD cards. It is equipped with a light and an allotment for charging, so that they can be used immediately after being taken out.

6. Purpose

Before you start searching for the best electronic locker in India, it is better to have a clear idea about how and for what are you going to use it. In short, knowing about its purpose and utility will make the choice easy. Also, the product should be worth money you’ve invested in buying the locker.

So, before you take any final call, ensure that you’ve kept all the important points in mind. This will help you in making a wise decision and your hard earned money will be put to good use.

Below is a comprehensive review of some of the best Electronic Lockers in India. The reviews are written keeping in mind customer needs and budget. So, now you don’t have to invest in hours to find the best one for, just go through the below list and make a wise choice. We’re sure there’s something to suit each one’s requirements.

Top 12 Best Electronic Lockers In India 2019

1. Godrej Security Solutions Access SEEC9060 Electronic Safe

The Godrej Security Solutions Access SEEC9060 is the most trusted and best electronic safe in India. The reason it tops our list of is that it is equipped with all essential bells and whistles that a good safe should possess.

It includes an LED display screen, a memory bank (works even if the battery is taken out), bolts of solid steel, and also a special technology that comes at your rescue when you’ve forgotten your password. This safe by Godrej is the most recommended and trusted safe, and also is an apt choice for average Indian families.

Talking about the Build and Design, it is a robust and compact electronic locker. It offers a total capacity of 8 liters and weighs approximately 5 kg of mild steel. It comes with a 3 to 6 digit password safety and also a master password increased safeguards and better working.

Moreover, it has two motorized shooting bolts to lock the safe. Its amazing nonvolatile memory, enhanced battery life, and an interior carpet make it all the more appealing. All in all, the Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060. is the best electronic locker in India that offers super amazing safety within a considerable budget.


2. AmazonBasics Security Safe

Another force to reckon in the safety market is the Amazonbasics Security safe. It is regarded as the best electronic locker in India due to the superiority it offers in terms of convenience, durability and locking mechanism. Just as the name reflects, it is a model produced by a subsidiary of Amazon that masters in the manufacturing and sales of generic electronic items.

It boasts of an attractive all-black look, combining high aesthetic properties and a pinch of solidity. Its pry-resistant steel body remains interrupted by a silver interface on the door. The door houses all the lock-related tools such as a keypad and an LCD.

The interior is divided into two parts i.e. the upper compartment and the lower compartment. The floors of each compartment have a carpet that provides extra protection to your valuables. Also, the interior shelf is quite adjustable, offering flexibility to accommodate a variety of small and medium-sized items.

Just like many other high-end lockers, the AmazonBasics Security Safe blends electronic and mechanical systems to provide better security and convenience. The electronic password system uses input from the keypad and, in turn, offers feedback through an LCD screen. It relies on an external source of power, here, the four AA batteries.
The battery power level also is displayed on the screen.

In case you’re running low on charge, you can alternatively shift to the key operating system. You will get two emergency keys that allow for adequate options in emergency situations.

The package includes four holes to help with anchorage a number of different surfaces, live door bolts, and some pry-resistant hinges. It is supported by a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. All in all, coming from a trusted brand, you’re only investing in a good safety product with AmazonBasics Security Safe.


3. Godrej Security Solutions Forte 40 Steel Safe

Godrej is one such brand that has been the most trusted among users. It is known for its reliability and amazing security options. The Godrej Security Solutions Forte 40 Steel Safe is another product that assures a great deal of quality for anyone who is willing to spend a little extra for its superior quality and build.

Talking about its design, the solid steel make gives an impression that it was specially built for strength and resilience. It is compact, weighing merely 16 kg, minimalistic and comes in a pure pearl white color. Also, it is a single case design, eliminating the weakness that comes with multiple conjoined parts.

The safe’s locking system is its wow factor. Equipped biometric (featuring an optical fingerprint-based lock) and mechanical locking mechanisms, it is surely worth the high price tag. Additionally, you get the advantage of an auto-lock feature that freezes the lock after four unsuccessful attempts.

It can easily hold 30 fingerprint templates, thus ensuring an optimal biometric-based security system. On the other hand, the mechanical system offers an alternative that makes use of the standard key-based mechanism.
The Godrej Security Solutions Forte 40 Steel Safe is equipped with the essential accessory features to enable anchoring, as well as steel bolts to enhance overall protection.

It uses AA 1.5V alkaline batteries to sustain the biometric system. It requires a total of four batteries to run smoothly. Also, there is a provision for a power level indicator that allows you to make the necessary changes on time. The product is supported by a 1-year manufacturer warranty by the company.


4. Godrej Security Solutions Taurus Electronic Safe

The Godrej Security Solutions Taurus Electronic Safe is an apt safety option for financial institutions, hotels, schools, hospitals and even your homes. You can easily fit in it your cupboards or dressing tables, all thanks to its small compact size. In case you enter a wrong password, then the locker will automatically shut down.

It is designed in a cubical shape and has an interior carpet. It is equipped with two motorized shooting bolts for enhanced protection. Also, it incorporates a low battery indicator and a nonvolatile memory that doesn’t erase the password even if the battery is very low. The locking mechanism in this model is digitally equipped, making it perfect for all purposes.

All in all, the Godrej Taurus Electronic Safe is the best electronic locker in India that caters to almost all your needs within a budget. It is made of strong metal body and offers enough room to store your money and other valuables.


5. Stok St- Slb01 Electronic Safe

The Stok ST-SLB01 Electronic Safe is one of the best safety solutions available in the market. If you’re looking for an electronic safe that offers all the necessary features but isn’t too heavy on your pockets, then you’ve found one. Its features include a cold rolled steel sheet blended with digital locking system mechanism.

Also, in case you ever forget your password, you wouldn’t have to stress much as the locker has two emergency override keys. But, if you’re thinking that the security is compromised, then you’re wrong. It offers security lockout that is activated when someone tries to unlock the safe with wrong coding.

All in all, the Stok St- Slb01 Electronic Safe is a great deal that offers elegant looks and amazing features at a budget-friendly price.


6. Godrej Security Solutions Secreto Electronic Safe

Yet another member from the Godrej family, this product boasts an amazing design with a high-end security system, and an above-average build quality.

The design of the Godrej Security Solutions Secreto Electronic Safe is a perfect combination of simple yet classy as it incorporates a silver coated, single-case build. The front houses a control interface which accommodates a keypad, an LCD and a handle.

The wow factor of the design is that it is shaped like a drawer. It means the interiors can slide back and forth, thus enhancing your drawer or cabinet’s safety. The interior is divided into two components and has a carpet for added protection.

The locker aptly combines electronic and mechanical mechanisms. The electronic system uses a 3 to 6 digit password and a fingerprint-based biometric system. It thrives on battery power that can be monitored through the LCD. On the contrary, the mechanical system operates as an override in cases where the electronic system is malfunctioning.

It is equipped with an auto freeze feature, which kick-starts in case of 4 foul attempts. Also, it comes with a master password that is useful when you have forgotten and cannot recall the password set by you. You will also get some motorized shooting in the design to offer an extra security edge.
It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and repair option.

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